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Such clothes need to be washed with water like washing any other Najis clothes, then it will become Taahir. 

Plates and vessels contaminated by dog need to be washed first with soil, then with pure water, but this rule is not for clothes.

Plates or vessels contaminated with pig or dead rat need to washed with water seven times. That is not for clothes.


This situation is called in jurisprudence a limited doubt شُبهة محصورة which means that you are sure that a part within a limited parts is Najis but you don't know which one. In this case you must avoid all the parts within the known limits.


If you touch a Najis item e.g. a dog, with wetness, then your touching part of your body or cloth becomes Najis and needs to be washed with water to be Taahir. If you touch a dog or any Najis item with out wetness, then your body of cloth is not Najis.

For health precaution, you are advised not to touch a dog even with dry hands because of the possibility of transfer of microbes or parasites from the dog to your body. You can read on the medical researches published online about the dangerous illnesses which can come to humans from dogs.,staphylococcus%20aureus%20are%20the%20most


Simply, everything is Taahir for you unless and until you know for sure that it is Najis. This is a rule in jurisprudence based on a narration of Ammar from Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (AS) stating : Everything is ritually clean till you know that it is ritually unclean. (Wasaa'il al-Shia, V.2, Section 37 on Nijasah). 

 Your doubt in this matter does not make any difference. You are ritually clean because you are just doubting and not sure that your body became Najis.