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Shia Muslims insist on following the Prophet of Islam (SAWA) in each and every matter as Allah (SWT) Has Ordered us to obey and follow the Messenger of Allah.(Sura 4 , Verse 59 and Sura 5 , Verse 92 , and Sura 24 , Verse 54, and  Sura 24 , Verse 56, and Sura 47, Verse 33 and Sura 64, Verse12.

Sunni main books of Hadeeth confirm that the Prophet (SAWA) di combine Dhuhr and Assr and combines Mafgrib and Isha in Madina with out rain orany unusual situation to teach Muslms. (Saheeh al-Bukhari and Musnad ahmad Ibn Hanbal and Mowatta' Malik and Saheeh Muslim and many other Sunni books).

Shia Muslims follow the Prophet (SAWA) in combining the Prayers and separating them as well as he did, while some Muslim sects ignore the prophetic teachings and insist on praying separately only as if the Prophet (SAWA) did not combine the Prayers at all, or they are not concerned to follow him.


Shia Muslims follow the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) in each and every matter and he himself had joined and combined the Prayers when he was in Madinah with out any unusual situation, and said when he was asked why: To keep my Ummah away from difficulty كي لا أشق على أمتي.

We pray Dhuhr and Assr one after the other combining, following the Prophet (SAWA)  who used to combine some times, and we believe that combining is not compulsory so we also pray Dhuhr the wait and pra Assr later on. 

Unfortunately, some Muslim sects have ignored the Sunnah of the Prophet, despite calling themselves as followers of the Sunnah.



Asalamu Alaykom, 

Firstly I pray that you may come out of the current situation you are in and that you may be blessed with the best of houses.

The example you have mentioned would not permit one to shorten their Salahs and doing so would make your Salah incomplete. You should try your best to make sure that you are praying each Salah in full unless you are able to shorten with the correct conditions.

These salahs would not be valid as they are incomplete. in terms of combining if you mean praying Asr after zuhr, and isha after Maghreb, then this is always valid regardless of where one is. 

May Allah grant you success  

It is better to do Du'a after each prayer as there are specific Du'a after Dhuhr prayer and after Assr prayer and after Maghrib prayer and after Isha prayer. You can also do Du'a after completing joined prayers if you wish.