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We have many narrations encouraging wearing ring, any ring except golden ring for me because it is forbidden for men to wear gold as well as pure silk. We also have many narrations to wear Aqeeq Yamani (Onyx) and Pharozaj and other precious stones.

You can find many of these Hadeeths in Wasaa'il Al-Shia, Hadeeth number 5980 and 5983, 5991, and 5993, and 5996 and many others.


Night prayer (Salat al-Layl or Namaz e Shab) is the most recommended Mustahab prayer every night. It is very easy to remember as it has four units of two Rak'ats  each just like morning prayers, then another two Rak'ats called Shaf'a شفع then just single Rak'at called Witr. These 11 Rak'ats are the full form of Night Prayer. There is shorter form of it which contains just the two Rak'ats of Shaf'a and the single Rak'at of Witr. The shortest form is just the single Rak'at of Witr alone.


Only white and clean

It is obligatory for those who know about and can see the eclipse in their area to pray Salat al-Ayaat which is two Rak'ats which five Rokoo' in every Rak'at.

Nothing is Haraam specifically during or because of eclipse just because of the eclipse.

it is Makrouh ( disliked but not Haraam) to look at the sun during the eclipse.

It is Makrouh ( disliked but not Haraam) to have sexual intercourse during the eclipse.

It is recommended to busy in supplication and worshipping Allah during the eclipse.