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It is obligatory for those who know about and can see the eclipse in their area to pray Salat al-Ayaat which is two Rak'ats which five Rokoo' in every Rak'at.

Nothing is Haraam specifically during or because of eclipse just because of the eclipse.

it is Makrouh ( disliked but not Haraam) to look at the sun during the eclipse.

It is Makrouh ( disliked but not Haraam) to have sexual intercourse during the eclipse.

It is recommended to busy in supplication and worshipping Allah during the eclipse.

According to our leading scholars, the answer to your question is: Yes.


Yes, it is Makrouh (disliked and harmful) to sleep between Fajr and sunrise and also between Asr and Maghrib.

Sleeping between Fajr and sunrise drives away Barakat and makes the income less, as we read in many Hadeeths.(النوم بين الفجر وطلوع الشمس يطرد الرزق)

Sleeping between Asr and Maghrib harms the mental and psychological health. The Hadeeth states: Who sleeps after Asr,  should not blame but himself. (من نام بعد العصر فلا يلومن الا نفسه)


Any act which causes pain to any one else ( except the enemies of Allah) is forbidden and Haraam.

Being good to your spouse is one of most important duties in Islam.

If any recommended act cause pain to your wife, you should not do it, because avoiding Haraam is before doing a recommended act.