In The Name of Allah, The Compassionate The Merciful
May His Peace and Blessing Be Upon the Most Dignified of Messengers, Muhammad and His Purified Progeny

Dear respected brothers and sisters: In this endeavor, we will attempt to research a very important and doctrinal topic which is one of the fundamentals of true belief and faith that should be present in the hearts and minds of every believer in Allah (SWT), such that his Iman (إيمان , faith) is completed and his ‘Aqeeda (عقيدة, belief) is perfected.

This controversial topic is about the Taharah and ‘Ismah (purification and infallibility) of the Prophets, Messengers, Awsiyaa' (أوصياء , executors of will), and Imams who are specifically appointed by the command of Allah (SWT).

These divine guides are all part of one chain that does not separate or deviate from each other. They complete one other in their roles and mission, even if their individual role and specific place differs from each another.

There has been a heated discussion surrounding this topic, and so, it is incumbent on us to research and carefully study it in an objective, reasonable, and inclusive manner. This research should be done under the light and guidance of what has been revealed by Allah (SWT) in His Wise Book, and through the words of His Seal of Prophets (SA) and the authentic narrations that are present in the most common books. Sound judgment should be made with an open and thoughtful mind, and Allah (SWT) is our Helper, God-willing! We seek and pray for His Guidance and Knowledge, for He is the Hearing and All-Knowing.