Research Question no. 4

We continue our research by posing the following question:

Why is it necessary that the Prophets, Messengers, Awsiya' and Imams be purified and protected?

The answer to this question is simple and clear if we review the conclusions from the last three questions. Their Tat-heer and ‘Ismah is logical and necessary in order for them to perform their roles and jobs in the most complete and perfect way possible. It is needed due to the criticalness, vitality, and importance of their responsibilities towards all mankind.

After all, how is it possible that a Messenger be appointed to convey a message which urges people to obey Allah (SWT), while he himself is capable of disobeying Allah (SWT)? If that were the case, all of the message would fall in great danger and that is not logical at all!

How will the Messenger present the very important and great message while he himself is exposed to lying, dishonesty, forgetting parts of the message, foolishness, lack of wisdom and mind, weakness, physical defect, and the negative aspects of the creations, etc?

This will cause his message to be surrounded by doubts and suspicions in its authenticity and validity. It will place a big question mark on the messenger himself and will give the enemies of the Message an opportunity to attack Islam and question its divinity.

That is because the mind will ask itself: Was not God-the Creator able to make His Messengers purified and protected from these negative aspects before He appointed and assigned them with this grave responsibility?

This question is logical to ask and may stand as a proof of a forged and invalid message along with its messenger. For example, is it possible that a doctor sends a sick and crippled person to deliver a message on his behalf to one of his patients or customers?

Is it possible that a police department sends a limping, one-eyed criminal with a tattooed face to claim that he is a police officer who carries a message to you on behalf of the Chief of Police?

Is it possible that the service people of a laundromat send your clothes to you after being washed, with an ugly-looking person who is wearing filthy clothes? Surely, this can never happen in our normal life and if it did, you will immediately doubt, suspect, and question the truthfulness of the message and the messenger.

Each one of us carefully chooses those who may represent him or carry his message, and if we could pick the best of people, we would certainly do so. For instance, the workplaces and employers take extra care in selecting the most qualified candidate who will be representing them in every aspect.

Take a look at any job application and the questions it contains in which their purpose is to determine the extent of your “purification” in order to suit the type of work that you will perform. Then they examine and review the applications and select the most purified and qualified candidate to perform the job.

So, why don't we apply the same principle in this case too? Why do you give yourself the right to choose, select, and purify and protect those who might represent you or your company….yet, you don't give Allah (SWT) the right to choose, purify, and protect His Prophets, Messengers, Awsiya', and Imams? This is a very grave mistake that is certainly not committed by one who has wisdom and uses his intellect!

The Taharah and ‘Ismah of the Prophets, Messengers, Awsiya', and Imams is in itself a logical proof on the authenticity and validity of the Message that they deliver, just like the physical appearance (uniform, badge, etc.) and behavior of a representative of the police department verifies to you the truthfulness and sincerity of his message and representation.

After clarifying this key point, it is not possible for an ignorant person to question: Why is it necessary for the Prophets, Messengers, Awliyaa', and Imams appointed by Allah (SWT) to be purified and protected from disobeying him? Therefore, it is a logical thing that is expected to happen and if it actually happened, it is not a surprise to us!

Furthermore, if the verses of the Holy Qur’an and narrations mention and verify that, then it is not appropriate nor is it our right to pose questions such as “How is this?” Except if we abandoned our minds and surrendered to what the foolish, silly, and ignorant minds say.