The Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project team presents
T a h r i f
Investigating Distortions
in Islamic Texts


The purpose of this site is to investigate instances where the contents of important Islamic tafsir, hadith, historical, or other academic sources have undergone alteration or tahrif.  It is left to you, whether you are an investigative researcher or just plain curious, to arrive at your own conclusions about the reasons for these cases of tahrif.
How strange!

Muhammad `Abduh's commentary of the Nahj al-Balaghah and Imam `Ali's comment on the criteria for caliphate

The testimony of martyrdom...

Abdullah Yusuf Ali's Qur'an commentary, the deletion of the merits of Imams Hasan and Husayn [a], and other changes

How will you be when the son of Mary (a) descends amongst you... ?

The English translation of Sahih al-Bukhari and the account of Jesus's (a) return

Why did Anas b. Malik get the disease
'al-baras' ?

The Kitab al-Ma'arif of Ibn Qutaybah and the account of Imam 'Ali's imprecation for Anas b. Malik

"I am the city of knowledge..."

The Sahih of al-Tirmidhi and the hadith, "I am the city of knowledge and 'Ali is its gate"

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Last Updated: June 2000