21) Piety And Society (Social Piety)

One of the other cases in which one must observe piety (Taqwa) is the association with people, which is considered as social piety. If piety is observed in the social relations, the world would turn into paradise, for every man’s suffering, backwardness, misfortune, and wretchedness are the result of not observing of piety.

If piety rules over a society, if the society is based on piety, and if social relations are piety-based and if a society has the dress of piety, that society will become firm and independent. But what is social piety the observance of which is incumbent on people?

We have already said that piety, in relation to every topic, fits that particular subject, though they have the same meaning, and that is the refraining from disobeying the orders of God and the Prophet (a.s.).

In associating with other people, there are certain rules we should observe. In Islam, in addition to the divine rights which are specially related to God Himself and every Muslim has to observe like the obedience to God, there are other rights towards others such as the divine rights on man like the divine right on man’s tongue, ears, eyes, hands, feet, and private parts, or the divine rights on man’s acts like prayer, fasting, charity, or the divine rights towards the prophets, imams, and other people. There is the treatise on rights attributed to Imam Sajjad (AS) in which all the rights have been elaborated.