31) Accusation and Slander

One of the other factors which disrupts a society, leads to division and it has been strictly forbidden in Islam and that it requires Taqwa is calumny. It must be avoided if a utopia, in which all people live like sincere brothers, is intended. Calumny is worse than lying and backbiting. Slandering about a brother in faith is both a lie and backbiting. Evidently, a double sin is worse than a single one.

In this relation, the Holy Quran says: “And whoever commits a fault or a sin, then accuses of it one innocent, he indeed takes upon himself the burden of a calumny and a manifest sin.”1

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) has been reported as saying: “Whoever accuses a believing man or a believing woman, God Almighty will put him on a hill of fire until the accused one is freed from the accusation.”2

Imam Sadiq (AS) has been reported as saying: “Whenever a believer accuses his brother in faith, his faith will be melted in his heart as salt is solved in water.”3

Therefore, it is incumbent on every Muslim to hold his tongue against unlawful things. He should be aware of the consequences of vices in this world and the hereafter. Muslims should take care to observe Taqwa, saying to themselves why they should slander their brothers in faith, why they should disgrace others? Surely, the harm of all that shall return to themselves too.

Will a body not suffer when an organ is crippled? Will a body not become disabled when an organ is amputated? What does a person who says false statements against others in order to damage their reputation think? Is a brother in faith, whom one accuses, not a support for him? What does he accuse his brother in faith for? Why does he like to misrepresent his brother in faith? It is good for such people to think of the punishment of their act, analyze, fight, and find a cure for this disease.

It is worth mentioning that accusation and calumny are of different kinds in the same way that backbiting and lying are of different types. Sometimes, calumny happens in the fields of economics, industry, science, morals, and honors of people. Calumny overall cripples a society and cuts off social cords. It is for the same reason that the Lord of the universe has forbidden it and has ordered us to observe Taqwa in relation to it.

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