45) Forming a Family

One of the other factors, which purify a society from sin, is marriage. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) has been reported as saying: “Whenever a young man gets married in his early youth, Satan will lament and cry out, saying: ‘Woe! He kept two thirds of his religion safe from me!’ So let him fear Allah (be pious) in the remaining third.”1

The Holy Prophet (SAW) has also been reported as saying: “One who gets married is given a half of happiness. Marriage is a source of decency, chastity and honor.”2

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) has also said: “The worst of my Ummah are those who never get married.”He says: “Bachelors are brothers of Satan. The most wicked of the dead are those who did not get married.”3

There are many traditions on the advantages and benefits of marriage. Many sins are removed and good deeds are written in the record of one who gets married. A married man is like one who fights in the way of God. Marriage is from the Sunna of the Holy Prophet, a means of reproduction, and a source of pride for the Messenger of Allah (SAW) on the Day of Judgment, and It is obedience to Allah and the Messenger of Allah and disobedience to Satan.

The importance of marriage is too great. One day, some man went to see Imam Baqir (AS). The Imam asked him: “Are you married?” The man said: “No, I am not.” The Imam said: “I prefer to spend the night with my wife than to be given the whole world.” Then, the Imam said: “A two-rak’a prayer performed by a married man is better than the spending of the night in worshipping and the day in fasting of an unmarried one.”

Imam Sadiq (AS) said: “My father gave the man seven Dinars and said: ‘Go and get married with this money.’ Then my father taught me this tradition in the year one hundred and ninety-eight of hijra, saying: “The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: Get married, and God will increase your sustenance.”4

When a woman gets pregnant, there is the reward of a fasting one, and of one who spends the night in worshipping, and when she goes to labor, only God knows what her rewards is, and when she delivers the child, for each sucking by the child, God will write a good deed for her which removes her sins.

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