5) Kinds Of Piety

Some people may have the impression that piety means to avoid committing sins only. Therefore in many cases, piety has come to mean fear of God and abstinence from committing sins, whereas it means self-restraint and safeguarding of oneself from opposing the orders of God. Hence, piety is not solely restricted to self-restraint against sins, rather it has other kinds too. Taqwa is sometimes related to ideology (monotheism, prophethood, Imamate and the Day of Judgment) and at other times it is not related to ideology. The latter includes piety in theory and in practice. When piety is related to practice, it is sometimes religion-based and at other times not based on religion. When it is not based on religion, piety is sometimes related to individual and at other times to society. In society too, it is sometimes moral and at other times non-moral. Each of these will be discussed separately.