This book is my attempt to present our children with traditional majaalis of twelve days of Muharram as recited for generations by Zakirs and Zakeeras.

The story of the Martyrs of Karbala’ is described in more detail than one would find normally in history books of Karbala’. The events of Karbala’ are described differently by different Zakirs and Zakeeras, who convey them in their individual styles. The important point to grasp is that the Martyrs of Karbala’ sacrificed their lives willingly with one aim only – to please Allah (s.w.t.) and to save Islam. They died in battle, but by doing so they achieved the biggest victory in the history of mankind. They were victorious in saving Islam and destroying the evil way of life promoted by Yazid.

The book is written in clear and simple English so that children can understand it with ease. I also hope that the youths will find it informative too. In the introduction, I have briefly summarised the events before, on and after ‘Ashura’ day. The first two majaalis describe the concept of majaalis and the arrival of Imam Husayn's caravan in Karbala’. The next ten majaalis describe in detail the way some of the martyrs were killed mercilessly on the day of ‘Ashura’.

I am grateful to Mulla Mohsin Ja’far, Mohamed and Layla Dawood, Hassanain Kara and my secretary Nicky Busby, for their help in producing this book. I am also indebted to my family for their help and patience while I was working on this project. My wife Gulzar helped me translate the Urdu recordings. My children, ‘Ali, Zishaan and Sofia, read the draft and encouraged me that by reading the book both children and youths would understand and mourn the tragedy of Karbala’.

I hope Allah (S.W.T.) accepts this small service for it is only He who gave me the energy and will to produce this book.

Liaket Dewji