Content Editing Guidelines

Content Editing Guidelines:

  1. Your contributions will be read by many people across the globe, which includes Muslims and Non-Muslims. While using terms such as “Imaan” or “Kaamil” etc, which are primarily understood by Muslims, please include a rough translation of such words in brackets as a courtesy to other readers.
  2. Write in an impartial tone. Contributions that overly praise a certain individual or organization do not appeal to a wider audience
  3. Do not infringe other’s copyright. If the text you are contributing is copyrighted, you might be violating copyright law. If you wish to copy content from a certain book or website, the best approach would be to summarize the text in your own words. If you need to quote a certain paragraph from somewhere, make sure you mention a footnote at the end of the paragraph citing the source of the material.
  4. Cite references if possible. While we realize that certain things are common knowledge among the Muslim community, there are certain things which may need references to prove their truth value. This not only makes it easier for our content moderators to approve the content, but also makes it more acceptable to future readers of your contributions.

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