Ayat no. 71-76

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Do they not see that We have created cattle for them, out of what Our hands have wrought, so they are their masters? And We have subjected them to them, so some of them they have to ride upon, and some of them they eat. And therein they have advantages and drinks; will they not then be grateful? And they have taken gods besides Allah that they may be helped. (But) they shall not be able to assist them, and they shall be a host brought up before them. Therefore let not their speech grieve you; surely We know what they do in secret and what they do openly. (36:71-76)

God created the quadrupeds for you

Let us ponder on the above verses. Did this man not see whom God has given intelligence? Does he not see that We created him with Our hands and created the quadrupeds, which are owned by them? Just think upon it. Firstly, how We created and secondly, how We gave them under your control; that is man is now their owner. God decided thus.

Otherwise, the One Who is their Creator is also their Owner in the true sense. If God does not make it man’s property, man would not be able to benefit from them. God created sheep so that man may take benefit from them in various ways. He may eat its nice meat and consume its milk and use it wool for clothing. There is nothing in this animal from which man does not benefit. So much so that even its hoofs are used in medicines.

Benefits of riding and use of milk, meat and wool

And therein they have advantages and drinks;
How delicious is the milk of these quadrupeds! What a great benefit they have in serving as beasts of burden and their meat and wool is useful too.
…will they not then be grateful?
Are you not then thankful? Unless man becomes thankful and realizes the bounty of God, what is the difference between him and an animal? In the animal like matters of eating, sleeping, passions and anger, man and animals are alike. In the matter of art and craft too, some animals are intelligent. There is no difference in things that end in death.

The only exceptions are truthfulness, knowing God and the Hereafter. For example, man should aim to be a physician that he may serve people. If his aim is merely material, then he gets its reward only here (in this worldly life). Anyway, whatever is related with humanism and the value of which remains forever is the virtue of knowing the Benefactor, appreciation of the bounties and thankfulness to God.

Rebels try to achieve Godship behind the excuse of idols

And they have taken gods besides Allah that they may be helped. (36:74)
Allah says, “We gave these bounties to man. We put camels, cows, and sheep under his control. They also ride some of them.” What a wonderful mount a camel is; it is the ship of the desert. This man, instead of knowing God better and thanking Him more, and never forgetting Him, carves out, in place of God, imaginary gods in the form of idols.

At the head of such wayward people are the false Gods who are rebels against God. Minds get diverted to idols of stone and wood. The truth is that these idols are shields for the rebels. They feign Godship from behind these idols. Idols and temples are mere pretexts.

During the days of Pharaoh, idols and idol worship were rampant and Pharaoh, in the name of (or as) the God of gods, was defrauding the people.

All dictators are such and they all practice polytheism against God. These dictators demand from people what God demands from man. God commands man to carry out His orders and to accept whatever He says. Sultans, Kings, and Shahs are also like that. It is nothing but royal decrees against divine commandments!

Mobilized armies have no ability to help

(But) they shall not be able to assist them, and they shall be a host brought up before them. (36:75)
Meaning those who are taken as helpers instead God have no ability to render any help. Troops are ready but cannot do anything. For example, during the Islamic Revolution of Iran thousands of American advisers along with half a million troops armed with modern weapons were present to protect the kingdom of Muhammad Reza Shah to protect the interests of America. But, when God decides, none of them could be of any avail. Despite all the mobilized armies of imperialists there was no one to help the Shah.
Therefore let not their speech grieve you; surely We know what they do in secret and what they do openly. (36:76)
Their talk should not grieve you as We know what they hide and what they declare. If the non-believers sting you, you will not be harmed. The disbelievers taunt about the belief in monotheism but the believer must be pleased with his God and remain steadfast.

In order to weaken the spirit of Iranian people during the revolution they spread threats and rumors. They played a new mischief daily in one place or another, but the hearts of the faithful are strong due to their faith and reliance on God. The God, Who made them reach here, will, if He so decides, bring them to perfection. The victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran was not the handiwork of men; it was God’s. It was totally beyond the material means. So, just as our eye was only on God in the beginning it should remain so hereafter also.