Editor's Note

Last year the Bunyad Be'thet published "An Introduction to Principles of Islamic Banking” by the late Islamic scholar, Ayatullah AI-Uzma Sayyid Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr, who was martyred at Najaf, Iraq. Now, the Bunyad is able to offer a similar booklet by the same author in the hope that this facilitates any research on the socioeconomic system of Islam.

The contents of this booklet are well-introduced by the author himself. However, one crucial point that remains to be explained pertains to the author's concluding remark to the effect that usury has been abolished in the theory of Marxian Socialism or Communism. This warrants adequate research before any authoritative clarification or elaboration can be, hopefully, incorporated in the next edition of this booklet.

The editorial contributions to giving the final shape to this booklet included revision in parts of the draft English translation produced by the diligent translator. This was found inevitable for reasons of achieving reasonable integrity and cohesion of the main points, avoiding their repetition, and improvement of the overall content of the indirect (Arabic into Persian into English) rendering.

Praise be to God for making this possible.

Rajab, 1403 AH (S)