Author’s Introduction

About four months ago, [the original Arabic text of] my book titled Tragedy of al-Zahra’: Doubts and Responses stirred an artificial uproar the obvious purpose of which was to achieve more than one goal. But I am not going to discuss this goal right here, though. Yet I have felt the need to clarify why I have written this book and the reason why I chose this issue specifically, i.e. the issue of al-Zahra’ (sa) rather than any other, aspiring brevity and restricting the discussion to what is necessary without delving into undue details and without tackling many of our issues which may embarrass some people or cause them to lose balance.

This is exactly what happened when they felt that my afore-mentioned book came close to such issues; so, what would be the outcome if I go beyond that to state openly then to explain what I state?! For this reason, I will restrict myself to briefly touching on some such issues, simply displaying them without the attempt to explain them except whenever necessary, leaving to the kind reader the option to draw his own conclusion; so, let me say the following: