In the name of God, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful


"Prayers are the safeguard of the nation"

 Prayer instills a sense of tranquility in the heart and prevents us from committing bad deeds.  It is a mercy from God and a means of remembering of Him.  Remembering God is everything for mankind.
This book is a set of recollections of Imam Khomeini relating to prayers and his recommendations about prayers.  Undoubtedly when prayers and its importance are discussed, one immediately remembers the day of Ashura.  In the face of the enemies' arrows, Imam Hussein (a.s.) established prayers to teach us that all things should be for prayers.
Imam Khomeini at all times and under all conditions would never forget to pray on time.  Even when he was in prison, when exiled, or when bed-ridden, he would always pray on time.  He proved to the enemies of Islam that Iranians love praying and whatever they have is because of prayers.
We must take the actions and behaviors of this great leader as a model for ourselves.  A leader who through his actions and behaviors taught us lessons of humanity, magnanimity, piety, servitude to God, and struggle against evil.
How good would it be therefore if this year, which has been named after this dear great personality, we familiarise ourselves more with his actions and behaviours. However much of his human perfection we make use of, by that amount we will find joy and tranquility.
For this reason, we have prepared a selection of recollections about prayers in relation to this great personality.  We hope that the reader is able to benefit from these stories and thereby be able to pay more attention to their prayers.