Short Biography of the Author

Amina Haider Al-Sadr, the famous Muslim author also known as Bint Al-Huda played a significant role in creating Islamic awareness among the Muslim women of Iraq. She was in her twenties when she began writing articles in Al-Adhwa, the Islamic magazine printed by the religious intellectuals of Al-Najaf (Iraq) in 1379 (1959).

Bint Al-Huda grew up with a serious love of learning. She became aware of the Muslim women’s sufferings and the great disasters that were damaging Islamic ideology in her country.

In 1400 (1980) the religious leader Baqir Al-Sadr and his sister Bint Al-Huda were arrested. After three days of unimaginable torture, they were murdered by the tyrannical Iraqi regime. Islam suffered a great loss when these two Muslim personalities were killed in cold blood.