Eid Mubarak, O you who fasted
Edi Mubarak, brothers and sisters in Islam
Today is Eid, a day of good deeds
Today is Eid, indeed a time for treats
Today my friends, do your duty, pay your Fitr dues
Help the unfortunate, they'll find any of much use
Help the needy, give the zakat, collect the blessings
Allah is Supreme, He'll make your life ever befitting
Forget not the prayers, the Holy Qur'an, their value is astounding
Be ready on the call of Adhaan
Pray for yourself, pray for others, pray for good all the time
Say the prayers, recite the Qur'an, make your life sublime
Come on, Muslims, let us all converge on one ground
Let us all say the prayers together, with one command
Shoulder to shoulder we'll stand, together we'll bow
Allahu Akber, let the cry be heard all over now
Eid Mubarak, believers in One, Allah Almighty
Be joyous today, forget that anxiety
Cheer the sad, shake a hundred hands
Strengthen the weak, towards children be kind
Eid Mubarak, success be yours this day
All that you wish yourself I pray
May you shine, May you follow Allah's way
Happy Eid, may Islam advance this day