Lo! Here once again is the blessed month of Ramadhan
Once again some of us find it difficult to fast
Once again we are fortunate to hear the Adhaan
Once again we could try and do better than last
O Companions, this month comes but once a year
Wake up my friends let us make it ever dear
Fasting is good for health, it chastens the mind
Beware Muslims! This glamorous world is making you blind
Remember the Holy Qur'an! Our book of guidance
The blessed Prophet received it this month, yes
It contains Laws, thoughts that make it ever radiant
Lo! It emphasizes fasts and prayers to keep us out of mess
O you who believe! Are we to neglect the words of Almighty Allah?
No, no, it should not be, come on Muslims, let us face the Kaaba
Forget the pie, forget the drinks, let them lay
Fasting is but a few hours a day
O ye faithful! Leave aside smoking, vices
This is Ramadhan, clean your hearts of vanities
Fast, pray, remember Allah and recite the Holy Book
Allah is Merciful, yes, He can give us all a new look.