Understanding the Qur’an, Part 1

Understanding the Quran is important for every Muslim as the Quran influences a Muslims religious, social and economical life.
The present text starts with the ways the Quran can be understood and it comprises of two main parts: Understanding the Quran analytically and Reason in the view of the Quran. Very thorough and interesting work.

Miscellaneous information: 
Understanding the Qur’an, Part 1 By Murtadha Mutahhari Translated by Dr , Alaedin Pazargadi Edited by Shah Tariq Kamal First Published with the collaboration of Foreign Department, Bonyad Be'thet, by Al-Qur'an Al-Karim Organization Bonyad Be'thet Ave. Somaye (Between Ave. Mofatteh & Ave. Forsat) Tehran. Telephone: 821159 Printed in the Islamic Republic of Iran