Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem (R&D) Organisation

“This Book, no doubt, is a guide to those who guard against evil.” - Al-Qur'an, 2:2

Prophet Muhammad (May Allah's Peace and Benediction be upon him) instructed that the Qur'anic teachings should always be cherished through their active and constant use for sustaining and enhancing viability of Islamic Society. This directive has been subsequently reiterated time and again by the pious Imams (May Allah's Peace be on them). No doubt, the Holy Qur'an has been held in highest esteem by Muslims everywhere the last fourteen hundred years.

The Cultural Research Division of the BUNYAD BE'THET promotes and executes research and development projects oriented to the rich Shi'ite manifestations of Islamic Culture. Its activities envisage fruitful contributions to the newly emerging Islamic societal pattern in revolutionary Iran. At the same time, these should result in a meaningful dissemination of the Shi'ite contributions among other (Islamic and Non-Islamic) societies. God-willing, these activities will succeed.

To formulate and implement a meaningful work programme, the above Division has been organised on the basis of self-contained functional sub-divisions. One of these units is Al-Qur'an Al- Kareem (R&D) Organization. Its tasks revolve around the need to promote comprehensive and meaningful revival of Qur'anic Culture at home and abroad. This means ideological and cultural assimilation of the all-embracing guidance concerning human life, as contained in this only Divine-inspired Book of its kind.

Detailed work programme of the Al-Qur'an AI-Kareem (R&D) Organisation will soon be published in the form of a brochure. It will be based on the two requirements summarised below:

1. Establishment of a Documentation Centre for collection, collation and evaluation of historical statements, concerning the Holy Qur'an, of every kind and in every language, throughout the last fourteen hundred years.

2. Concurrently with, and based on, results of (1) above, identifying subject-areas for further study and analysis, including arrangement of scientific research, with a view to publication of the analytical results and dissemination of selected information for educational purposes.

In this connection, we invite suggestions, guidance and any possible intellectual and/or material contributions from not only Qur'anic experts and Islamic intelligentsia, but similar other committed Muslims with any useful resources at their disposal. With the requested outside assistance in the formulation and realisation of the intrinsically commendable plan for reviving and promoting Qur'an Al-Kareem (R&D) Organisation operational soon.

May God bless the united efforts of all Muslims with success!
Ali Islami