Table of Contents


The day that:

Dark clouds of tyranny and corruption cover the sky worldwide.

The day that:

The evil forces that would devour the world sink their claws even deeper into the throats of suffering people of the world.

The day that:

All principles are hidden from people’s minds when they weigh their thoughts, other than the principles of materialism and hedonism.

The day that:

Powerful waves of propaganda of the tyrants of the east and the west, present the Truth as false, and make falsehood seem to be the Truth, to secure their own illegitimate ends.

And finally the day that:

The lash of unkindness, narrow-mindedness, segregation, prejudice, illiberalities, envies, separations, discriminations, and oppression strike; injuring the backs of the vulnerable people of the world.


At that moment, our hopeful eyes are turned toward you, great universal peacemaker.

To your universal revolution and government!

And ask Allah on our behalf that we may have the divinely given success to your God for our success in making ourselves competent, in development of mind and thought, in fighting and jihad and in reforming the world in all aspects, for participating in that great revolutionary program.