Table of Contents

Necessary Preparations for Universal Government

General Preparations

Even if we are very optimistic and hopeful, still we should know that reaching a stage of history in which:

All humans gather under one flag and all terrible weapons to be removed from the earth;

And classes, with the definition of exploiter and exploited, to be removed;

And conflicts and dangerous political and military games of superpowers to be forgotten forever and the world to become free of sick name of “superpower” and frightful nightmare of their evil powers;

And unhealthy and destructive economical competitions give their place to public cooperation toward a better and more pure life …

Is still soon and needs general preparation.

But, as in recent times, changes are being made fast then we shouldn’t consider that very far like a sweet dream.

But anyway, four preparations are necessary in order for the world to accept such government:

1) Intellectual and Cultural Preparation

It means that level of thoughts of the people of the world develops in the way that they understand the issue “race” and “different geographical regions” are not considerable issues in human life; the differences of colors, languages and lands cannot separate humans from each other; tribal and group fanaticisms should die forever; hilarious thought of “superior race” should be thrown away; factitious borders with barbed wires! And wall like the ancient wall of china! Cannot separate humans.

But, as sunlight and lively breezes, and raining clouds and other gifts and powers of the nature never pay attention to these borders and all of them move around the entire earth and practically consider the world as one country, we humans also reach this level of intellectual growth.

And if we carefully notice then we see that this thinking way is going to be created and completed among aware and open-minded the people of the world, and day by day the number of those who think about the issue of “world-country” is increasing.

Even today, the matter of united global language is being discussed in different places.

2) Social Preparations

The people of the world should become tired of oppression and injustice and available systems and feel the bitterness of this material and one-dimensional life, and even become disappointed of solving current problems by continuing this one-dimensional way.

The people of the world should understand that what was being promised in 18th and 19th centuries in the light of mechanical developments was in fact nothing more than an imagination, or like a mirage in front of the eyes of thirsty travelers in a hot desert.

Peace and welfare and security of the people of the world were not provided and even material and spiritual conflicts and insecurities expanded.

Making ostensible amazing laws didn’t remove oppression, discrimination, exploitation and huge class differences, even previous corruptions appeared in larger scales and more dangerous forms.

Understanding present conditions of the world first makes the condition of thinking, and then hesitation and finally disappointment and readiness for a multilateral revolution based upon new values.

This is the thing if is not achieved then it is not possible to reach such level, exactly the same as an abscess that should be treated when the time has come.

3) Technological and Communicational Preparations

Contrary to what some persons assume that reaching the level of social perfection and a world full of peace and justice will certainly be possible accompanied by destruction of modern technology, existence of these developed industries doesn’t disturb a fair universal government and even, it may not be possible to achieve such goal without that.

For establishing and then controlling a universal system, series of super-modern equipments are needed in order to travel throughout the world and check everywhere in a short time, and to get information from any place and in case of necessity to move necessary equipments and facilities from one side of the world to the other side, and to broadcast needed messages, information and warnings to the entire world in the shortest time.

If industrial life returns to previous conditions and for example it needs one year for sending a message from one part of the world to the other part then how is it possible to govern the world and expand the justice in everywhere?

If too much time is needed for being informed about the aggression of a person or a group, which even certainly it is possible to exist in such world, and sending forces for making peace then how is it possible to provide truth, peace and justice throughout the world?!

Briefly, undoubtedly such government needs to be informed about everywhere at the moment and to have complete dominance over any place for establishing order and justice in the world, in order to train and lead the people who are ready for correction and inform them and awaken and revive them, and in unrighteous people want to rise, repress them.

Those, who think other than this, maybe don’t thing about the concept of universal government and compare it with government of a small region.

Essentially, the world which wants to reach such level should have expanded and public means of training in the way that executes major part of correctional programs with “self-awareness” and “self-helps” of people and reviving the soul of public “self-awareness” and “self-helps” and needs the most powerful global cultural centers and mass media and the most complete books and publications and like them, that none of them is not possible without the best and the most advanced industrial equipments.

Yes! If all the acts had to be performed by “miracles” then existence of such system would be possible without developed industrial equipments but is it possible to manage the lives of the people of the world by miracle!

Miracle is a logical exception in current system of the nature, for proving the legitimacy of a divine religion, not for governing the society forever. This act should be performed based on natural laws.

Albeit, we will talk about this issue, later.