Hisham b. al-Kalbi

Of the four major monographs by the most distinguished historians of the end of the second century, Ibn al‑Kalbi, al‑Waqidi, Nasr b. Muzahim and al‑Mada'ini', Ibn al‑Kalbi is by far the best represented.

Al‑Tabari has reported what is very probably almost the complete monograph. As we have already noted Ibn al‑Kalbi relies very heavily on Abu Mikhnaf but he does use other narratives. He has one one quotation from Jabir b. Yazid and perhaps one from Asbagh b. Nubata and he also uses `Awana. By and large, he follows Abu Mikhnaf in hostility both to Yazid and to Ibn Ziyad. He does however supplement Abu Mikhnaf's reports, which we have already discussed.