Unfortunately little or nothing survives of the monograph written by al‑Waqidi. It is claimed by both Ibn Nadim and his secretary, Ibn Sa'd, that al‑Waqidi was a Shi’i1.

However, Shaykh al‑Mufid accuses him of being a member of the `Uthmaniyya2. What al‑Mufid means by that is that al‑Waqidi had strong sympathies with the Zubayrid faction which had supported greater authority for Medina, and seen the family of Zubayr (and in particular his son, Ibn al‑Zubayr) as the fittest people for the caliphate. If any of his account had survived, it would have been interesting to examine his treatment of Ibn al‑Zubayr. The `Uthmaniyya attitude to Ibn al‑Zubayr with regard to this incident is clearly established in the work of Khalifa b. Khayyat, and there is also a similar report in al‑Baladhuris Ansab al‑Ashraf.

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