The sermons that are delivered concerning Imam Husayn (‘a) attract the largest audience from all classes of people. The respect they have for these speeches is very significant, a feature rarely found in other gatherings. Speakers for such occasions are required to reciprocate this respect and earnest attendance by doing justice to the feelings of the people and the gatherings for Husayn (‘a).

The people who come from far and wide to listen to the lectures that are delivered about Imam Husayn (‘a), expect the speakers to enrich their talks with a greater knowledge of Islam and Qur'anic concepts; new horizons of thought, understanding and analysis of Husayn (‘a) 's words, speeches and stances, as he moved from Hijaz to Iraq; the speeches of his kinsmen and companions; the positions they took and the sacrifices they offered, that are unique in history.

The uprising of Husayn (‘a) is replete with ideas, concepts, values and beautiful scenes, the like of which are rarely witnessed in the words and deeds of others, which speakers are expected to analyse as they trace his route from Hijaz to Iraq. They should be able to present these lessons to their listeners during the month of Muharram and also on other occasions.

The present book is an effort in that direction but I cannot be sure that it has achieved its goal. All the same, I have tried, knowing success is from God alone.

Muhammad Mahdi al-Asifi
Holy Najaf
The 20th day of Shawwal, 1425