About Ourselves

An alert mind today notices a change in the intellectual life of man. Science and technology with their wondrous achievements seem to have reached their zenith. Material needs together with the passion for authority and supremacy, have led man towards an apparent bankruptcy of the moral values. In this desperate situation one is forced to pause and reassess the potential dangers threatening mankind as a whole. Man, has once again set his eyes on Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful as he has now realized that the solution to his problems and his ultimate salvation lies in following the Divine commandments.

This shift from the material to the spiritual thinking is fully in keeping with the aims and objects of the Islamic Seminary. Religious precepts, abreast with the developments of our time, provide the much-needed sanctuary for the troubled and anxious mind. It is a result of increasing awareness, that it is being realized that the secret of living a virtuous life in this world leads to the eternal bliss of life in the Hereafter. This is the universal message of Islam.

The Islamic Seminary seeks to hold aloft the torch of spiritual guidance and to help in all earnest to promote mankind's spiritual heritage. It presents Qur'anic way of life in its pristine glory. It presents only that which is authoritative and authentic. Its publications are designed to meet the spiritual need of our times. It will serve as a perennial spring to those who are thirsty of knowledge.

The Islamic Seminary is a world organization endeavouring for Islamic fraternity. It enjoys the contributions of the best brains, in addition to having an international support for the fulfilment of its great objective. It has centres in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Canada and Far East.
A list of addresses appears in the closing pages of this book. Readers can write to any of these centres for our publications.

Islamic Seminary Publications

This book is all Islamic Seminary publication. Its publications are designed to cater for the spiritual needs of the age with a particular emphasis on grooming Muslim mind and thinking; Utmost efforts have been made by the Seminary to put forth in its publications what is really authoritative and authentic in Islam.

You are requested to kindly go through this book in the spirit in which it is intended. You are also requested to communicate to us your free comments on our publication, which will be highly appreciated.
Propagating the message of Islam is a task which calls for the co-operation of all. The Seminary invites you to join it in this task complying cordially with the verse of the holy Qur'an:

"Say: I give you but one admonition, that you stand for Allah's sake jointly and singly". (34:46)

May Allah bless you!
Yours in Islam,
Publication Secretary.