Chapter 2

After listening to his brother Abu Dharr said, "I am not satisfied with your report. I shall go there myself, see him and listen to him personally".
Abu Dharr reached Mecca, entered the vicinity of Ka'bah and started looking for the Prophet, but neither he found him there, nor did he hear any mention of him. He stayed there till sunset. Ali came and passed by Abu Dharr, who was sitting. Ali asked him, “You look to be a traveller. Isn't it?”

Abu Dharr: Yes!
Ali: Come on with me. Ali took him to his house. Both of them were going silently. Abu Dharr did not ask him anything till they reached the house. Ali made arrangements for his stay and Abu Dharr went to sleep. Next morning he again went to Ka'bah in search of the Prophet. Neither he asked anybody of him, nor did anybody tell him anything. He kept waiting anxiously till the day came to an end. Ali came round again as usual and passed in front of him. As soon as he saw Abu Dharr, he asked, “Could you not go back home up till now?"

Abu Dharr: No!
Ali: All right! Then, come along with me. Both of them were going silently when Ali asked, "Why! What is the reason of your coming over here?"
Abu Dharr: I can tell you the reason if you do not disclose it.

Ali: "Speak out frankly whatever you want to say. I will not tell it to anybody”.
Abu Dharr: I have come to know that a man has appeared and he calls himself a prophet. I had sent my brother to talk to him. He returned and could not give me any satisfactory information. Now, I am determined to see him myself.

Ali: You have come upto the right man. I am going towards him. Just follow me. Enter wherever I enter. If I feel any danger I shall be setting my shoe right, standing near a wall, and when I start doing so you should go back.

Abu Dharr says, "Ali took me into a house. I saw that a light personified was manifest there. As soon as I saw him I was attracted towards him and felt like kissing his feet. Hence I saluted him saying Assalamu Alaykum". (He was the first man who saluted the Prophet of Islam in an Islamic way, before embracing Islam).
Returning the salute he said, wa Alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahe wa barakatoh. "Yes, what do you want?"
I replied, "I have come to you in a spirit of faith". He instructed me about necessary matters and asked me to recite the Kalimah (La ilaha illallah Muhammadun Rasulullah) I recited it to him and thus entered the fold of Islam.
Thereafter he took leave of the Prophet and started for the Ka'bah. Upon reaching there, when he saw a big gathering of Qurayshite infidels, he shouted in a loud voice, "Hear O Quraysh, I stand witness that Allah is One and Muhammad is His Prophet".
This voice frightened the audition of Quraysh and demolished the image of their Laat and Uzza. The feeling of the Quraysh that the dignity of their idols had been pulled down made them extremely perturbed.
At last people in unison encircled Abu Dharr. They started beating him so severely that he fainted. He would have nearly died but for the sudden arrival of Abbas bin Abd al-Muttalib. When he saw that the devotee of Muhammad was about to die, he could not help laying himself down on Abu Dharr.
He said, "O people! What has happened to you? You are killing a great man of Bani Ghifar. Why have you forgotten that you carry on trade with Bani Ghifar and visit them off and on. Don't you fear his tribe at all". At this those people left Abu Dharr and went away.
After they had left, Abu Dharr who was bleeding, got up from there and. went to the well of Zamzam.

He felt extremely thirsty on account of severe wounds and profuse bleeding. Hence he drank water first and then cleansed his body. After that he came groaning to the Holy Prophet. As soon as the Prophet saw him in this condition he felt very sorry for him and said, Abu Dharr! Have you eaten or drunk something?"

Abu Dharr: My master! I have felt some relief after drinking the water of Zamzam.
Prophet: No doubt it gives relief.
After that he consoled Abu Dharr and provided him with food.

Though Abu Dharr had suffered much because of his speech, yet his religious fervour did not allow him to return to his country calmly. His firm belief demanded to make Quraysh believe that human intelligence despises the superstition of idolatry.
He took leave of the Prophet and came to the precincts of Ka'bah again. He stood upon a raised spot and called out with a firm determination. "O people of Quraysh! Listen to me. I bear witness that there is no god except Allah and I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah".
Hearing this, those perverts who saw the foundations of their gods being shaken and who had been so much agitated by his earlier speech were once again startled and in a state of confusion turned towards his voice and hurriedly gathered around him. They were shouting. "Kill this Ghifari as soon as possible as he is bent upon insulting our gods".
The whole assembly cried with one voice “Kill Abu Dharr”. Consequently they beat Abu Dharr so severely that he fainted.
Seeing this Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib came forward and laid himself down on him as he did the day before, and said, "O Quraysh! What has happened to you that you are killing a Ghifari although you have good relations with his tribe and your trade is flourishing with the help of his tribe. Get aside. Do not beat him any more".
Upon hearing this all of them went away leaving Abu Dharr in a state of unconsciousness. When Abu Dharr came to his senses, he went to the well of Zamzam and after drinking its water cleaned his body of blood.
Abdullah Subaiti writes that though Abu Dharr had suffered wounds yet he forced the Quraysh to form an opinion through his speeches that Islam had spread around the people and they had been deeply impressed by it.
In short Abu Dharr got up from the well of Zamzam and reached the Holy Prophet. When the Prophet saw Abu Dharr in this condition he said, "O Abu Dharr! Where have you been and why are you in this condition?" Abu Dharr replied, "I had gone to Ka'bah again. I delivered a speech there and took a blood bath. Now I have come to you after cleaning my body with the water of Zamzam.

The Prophet said, "O Abu Dharr! Now I order you to go back to your country at once. Listen! When you reach your home, your uncle will have died. Since he has no heir but you, you will be his sole successor and owner of his property. Go and spend the property for the propagation of Islam. I shall shortly migrate from Mecca to the town of date-palms. You should continue working there till I migrate". Abu Dharr said, "Yes! My master it is all the good. I shall leave very soon and keep on propagating Islam ". 1

  • 1. Sahih Bukhari vol. p. 47 chapter Islam and Abu Dharr, printed in Egypt, 1312 Hijra