Imam Hasan's Character

The researcher who examines the life of the Holy Prophet's grandson, Imam Hasan and his brother, Imam Husayn (as), can't help drawing the conclusion that they enjoyed a high level of education and spiritual and ideological upbringing, which no other person had won next to their grandfather (S), mother and father (as).

The imprints of the revelation and Divine care marked their characters, in all its aspects, ingredients and angles. They were highly refined and brought up in line with Islam's teachings by their grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (S), their father, Imam ‘Ali (as), and their mother Fatimah Al-Zahra (as), through excellent examples and direct daily guidance.

Although they lost both their grandfather and mother at an early age, their upbringing suffered no interruption. Their father, Imam ‘Ali bin Abi Talib (as), the disciple of the Messenger of Allah (S), and the graduate from the school of Divine revelation, who was the beacon for the people, was alive, throwing his shade over them. There is no doubt that Imams Hasan and Husayn (as) wound up in the stage of Divine preparation.

They were prepared to shoulder the responsibility of the Divine message, in form and content. The ultimate result was that both Imams Hasan and Husayn (as) became Islam personified, walking on the earth.

As the ingredients of the characters of the two Imams were the same, they were singular in their behavior, march, steps and goals, which were Islamic in their entirety.