Foreword by Project Initiator

In 1989 my grand-father, the Late Mullah Bashir Hassanali Rahim decided to create awareness amongst the youngsters of the tragedy of Karbala’, its pathos, impact and message. The intention for this was since due to the fact that the majaalis were in the language of Urdu, the youth and younger generation were not fully aware of the purpose of the month of Muharram.

Once the book was distributed among the communiy to this era, they began to have children's majaalis during the twelve days. They were encouraged to host the majlis turn by turn, recite, and take charge of nawha and tabarrukaat, etc. My grand-father would prepare the material for them. Alhamdulillah the tradition continues to this day.

The past has now come to repeat itself, and not only has it affected Europe, but the Muslim Shi'a community all over the world, especially where I live in London, Ontario, Canada. At the mosque, I observe the surrounding of the youth and younger generation and what I see is unexplainable. The youth and younger generation not only do not know who our Imam is, but how he and his family sacrificed their life for us, which is why I have tackled on the responsibility to take great care of this matter.

Through my dearest friends and uncles (Shaikh Shafiq Hudda & Shaikh Saleem Bhimji) they had taken on the responsibility to not only assist, but also publish this book.

Please remember me and for all of those that took part in the project in your prayers.
With salaams and dua's,

Kabir Arifali Datoo