Youth and Turmoil

The cause of anger and fury among the youths, their turmoil and sense of despair can be traced to their viewpoints concerning issues and incidents. The problems and issues that confront us every day and make us enraged and upset can bear positive results - but only if they are analyzed without prejudice and in the light of intellect. For example, we face situations where we feel that we are being ignored, face setbacks in life, losses in business, failure in exams, etc.

Difficulties surround us from all sides. This makes us restless. If these issues are analyzed, it will not only rid us of our rage and anger but will be a cause of happiness and over a period of time, we will gain mastery in overcoming them. This will boost the confidence of our youth who will then steadfastly confront these issues and speedily move towards progress and development. Every passing day shall bring in a new success and achievement The clouds of helplessness shall give a way to a new spirit of living, a life of zeal.

Ameerul Momineen (a.s) says,

أصل ١لعقل١لفكروثمرته١لسلامة

"Reflection is a foundation of intellect and its result is safety. " 1

Pondering over daily problems and analyzing them in the light of intellect, will give new strength and motivation to our youths and it will enable them to protect themselves from anger, anxiety, turmoil, stress, prejudices and save themselves from unnecessary tension. This is because intellect brings to fore the hidden and unknown things and throws light on many obscure realities.

Ameerul Momineen (a.s) says:

بالفكرتنجلئ غياهب الامور

"Reflecting and pondering unveils the hidden affairs." 2

The outlook to issues is very vital. If it is based on sentiments and emotions and considering only their negative aspects it will lead to nothing but anger, dissatisfaction and anxiety thus weakening our nerves. However, if these very incidents were to be viewed in the light of reflection and them stressed and frustrated and will also lead to mental and without prejudice, they would leave a positive impact on our approach. If we deal with matters with patience and decisiveness instead of rage and anger, we would stand to gain immensely.

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