Depths of Existence

If our youths were to do some thinking and soul searching, they would feel that it is in their very nature and conscience to accept logic and reasoning. If these issues are viewed with an unbiased mind and their causes identified, while keeping sentiments at a distance, then the realities would be crystal clear and their fondness for truth and facts will save them from restlessness. Anger and turmoil would give way to peace and comfort. It is sound thinking and intellect that propels us towards righteous actions.
Ameerul Momineen (a.s) says:

الفكر يدعو الى البرو العمل به

"Reflection invites towards goodness and putting it into action" 1

If we view incidents only from a single perspective, look the attitudes of people only from one aspect (without pondering on others), expect a certain approach from the people and that too the one favorable to us, expect more from them than their capacities and be inflexible in our approach.... All this will cause an internal upheaval in the youths – making spiritual imbalance.

Having said so, there are some constructive emotions and sentiments that are in harmony with our purpose and aim and they are "positive emotions". Whereas some are negative and - - deprive us of our energy and thus distance us from our aim and purpose.

  • 1. Sharh Usool-e-Kafi, vol. 8, pg. 177