Lady Zaynab bt. 'Ali

Sayyidah Zaynab bint ʿAli (الـسَّـيّـدة زَيـنـب بـنـت عـلي‎, Also: 'Zainab') was one of the daughters of the first Shi'a Imam ‘Ali and his first wife Fatimah.

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Zainab (s.a), from Kufa to Damascus
Let’s Learn About Bibi Zainab and Bibi Umm Kulthum

The brave daughter of Imam Ali(AS) and Bibi Fatima (AS) carried on the mission of her brother Imam Hussain (AS) to save Islam. Read about her journey to Shaam and her courage at every step as she faced hardships.For hard copies please contact the number 00447974648217 or send an email at