Lending and Borrowing

Lending of something means that someone gives his own property to another person so that he may make use of it, and in exchange, one gets nothing back; for example, a person gives his bike to another person, so that the person may go to his house and return.

Issue 417: Someone who lends something to another person can take it back whenever he wants to, and the person who has borrowed the item can give it back to its owner whenever he wishes to.

Issue 418: If that which was lent out becomes lost or damaged, then in the event that in the protection of the item care was shown, or in its use, excessive care was shown, then one is not responsible (for the item). However, if one was negligent in taking care of the item, or in its use excessive care was not shown, then compensation must be paid.

Issue 419: If it was previously specified, that if anything happens to the property being borrowed then the person borrowing the item would be responsible for it, then if anything happens to that property, one must compensate for it.