Taking an Oath

Issue 475: If someone takes an oath by one of the names of Allah, like اللهُ, خدا, or Allah that he will perform or refrain from a certain act; for example one takes an oath that he will pray a two Rak’at Salat then it becomes Wajib for him to perform that action.

Issue 476: If intentionally, one does not act upon his oath, he must give a Kaffarah (penalty), and the Kaffarah for this delay is one of the following three things:

• Freeing one slave

• Feeding ten poor people

• Clothing ten poor people

If one is not able to perform any of these three things, then one must fast for three consecutive days.

Issue 477: It is Makruh for a person to take an oath about something which is true, and if the oath is taken for something which is a lie, then this oath is Haram and it is considered a major sin.