Bahlool Goes to the Public Hot Bath

One day Bahlool went to the public bathhouse, but its servants acted carelessly and didn't massage him with the sponge. In that regard, when coming out, Bahlool gave the bath's owner all 10 dinars he had. When the servants saw his generosity, they got embarrassed as to why they showed him such carelessness.

The next week Bahlool again went to the hot bath. This time all the servants gave him a bath with extreme respect and honor, and showed open-heartedness, but besides all this hard work and effort, Bahlool gave only one dinar when he came out.

The bath's workers angrily asked, “Last week your unnecessary tip and what is the reason for today's behavior?”

Bahlool replied, “I paid for today's bath last week when I came and gave; I am paying for that bath today so that you people will behave respectfully with your customers.”