Haroun Rashid's Questions and Bahlool's Answers

Haroun Rashid was returning from his journey to Hajj, and Bahlool was waiting for him on the side of the road. As soon as he saw Haroun, he loudly said three times, “Haroun! Haroun! Haroun!”

The Khalifa asked, “Who is this caller?”

The people said, “It is Bahlool.”

Haroun called Bahlool. When he came near him, the Khalifa asked, “Who am I?”

“You are that person who is responsible when other people oppress a weak person.”

Haroun started crying at this and said, “You spoke truly. Now request something form me.”

“My request is that you forgive my sins and permit me into Heaven.”

“This is beyond my control; on the other hand, I can pay your debts.”

“A debt can't be fulfilled by another debt; because you yourself are indebted to the public. Thus, return to the public their wealth. It is not decent or elegant of you to give me the wealth of others.”

The Khalifa then said, “I give the order to grant you some assets, which will be guarded, as the means of your livelihood so you can pass your life with comfort and ease.”

“We are all servants of Allah and receive salary from Him; is it possible that He may give you subsistence and forget about me?”