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The claimed participation of Imam Hasan and Imam Husain in any war of expansion is not authentic and does not have a trusted chain of narrators and it was never narrated in any authentic Shia reference among all of the narrations of the life of imam Hasan and Imam Husain (AS). It was mentioned in two Sunni books ( Tareekh Al-Tabari and Al-Ibrar by ibn Khaldoon who died in 808 Hijri, with out authentic chain of narrators. That is why, we can not trust such claim. We also know that the infallible can never be under leadership of a sinner. 
Expansionistic wars were motivated by rulers who wanted more wealth and more control under the slogan of Islam with out permission from the real leader of Islam after the Prophet who is Imam Ali (AS).


Although belief in tahrif of the Qur'an is non-standard, it is better to reserve the word kufr for the things that Allah directly uses it for.

The Qur'an does not directly say that belief in tahrif is kufr. (Rather, some people assert this based on a deduction/interpretation of a verse, not a direct statement.)

The word kufr tends to be thrown around quite casually these days. There is rarely any benefit to accusing people of kufr or labelling Muslims as kafir just because one thinks they are incorrect in their belief. It is quite sad that this intolerance has developed today. The classical Islamic era seems to have been much more tolerant and open to discussing differences of opinion regarding theology. This is not to say that every view was always right, but it is better to be able to discuss things rationally rather than to shut down dissenting views by just labelling and attacking (verbally or sometimes physically).

Many Sunni books narrated authentic Hadeeths from the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) that Ali is the deputy and the successor of the Prophet (SAWA) e.g.

1. Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal in Musnad Al-Asharah, Hadeeth 841: The Prophet said: Ali is  my Khaleefa.

2. Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, fadha'il al-Sahaba, Hadeeth number 1016: Ali is my Wasi .

3. Musnad Ahmed ibn Hanbal: It written on the gate of Paradise: LA ILAAHA ILLALLAH, MUHAMMAD RASOOLULLLAH, ALI AKHO RASOOLILLAH.

4. Al-Bukhari in his book Al-Tareekh Al-Kabeer vol. 1, p.375 that the Prophet (SAWA) said on the day of Ghadeer: For whom I am the master, Ali is his master.

5. Al-Albani in his book Takhreej Al-Hadeeth Al-Nabawi , Hadeeth number 94 that the Prophet said: Ali is the master of every of everyone who believes in me as his master.


Zakat is obligatory on golden currency which is a currency made from gold. Zakat is not obligatory on gold if it is not in the shape of currency but Khums remains obligatory on the savings of everything including gold.

Zakat is obligatory on golden currency if it's weight is fifteen Mithqal as minimum.

Every Mithqal is 4.25 grams.