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We are allowed to listen to any reciter of Quran as far as he does not openly deny the main orders of Quran.

Nasibi is the open enemy of Ahlul Bayt (AS) which means the he is rejecting the Quranic verses in favor of Ahlul Bayt (AS). Nasibi is in fact an enemy of Quran even if he recites or memorise it. We should avoid supporting any Nasibi.


Shia Muslims are the real followers of the authentic teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and they will be going with him where ever he goes. The Prophet himself called his most pious followers as Shia of Ali as you see many Sunni books like:1. Shawaahid Al-Tanzeel by al-Hasakaani, V. 2, P. 66.

2. Al-Durr Al-Manthour by al-Siyooti, V.6, P. 379.

3. Yanabee' al-Mawaddah by al-Qandouzi Al-Hanafi, P.62.

4. Al-Manaaqib by al-Khawarizmi , P. 187.

5. Al-Sawa'iq al-Mohriqa by Ibn Hajar , P. 96.

6. Tafseer Al-Tabari, V.3, P. 146.

7. Tathkirat Al-Khawaass by Ibn Al-Jawzi, P.18.

8. Fat-h al-Qadeer by al-Shawkani, V.5, P.477.

and many other Sunni books.



Asalamu Alaykom, 

What you heard is completely false. The Prophet Mohammad (sawa) is the greatest of all creation and if anyone puts someone above his status, they are out of Islam. Such a belief would also contradict the ahadith of the shia which clearly state not to put anyone above Rasullah (sawa) 

May Allah swt grant you success 

Islam is not a fashion show. Many Muslims today focus on things that are not important, and judge and criticize people for minor things while the world is burning.

Our big problems are dictatorship, economic inequity, racism, classism, consumerism, materialism, shirk through worshipping the ego or false ideologies, poverty, warfare, social breakdown, and environmental degradation. What color clothing people are wearing is not the big problem. It is allowed to wear black clothing or white clothing or any other color clothing, and it is wrong to prohibit the things that Allah has allowed. There are enough haraam things.

Their criticism is based on a sense of dislike of the other (a sort of tribalism - those people are different from us and do things different from us, so they must be wrong), and if they don't criticize this, they will find something else to criticize. This attitude is one of the defects that some human beings have - people often fear or dislike people who are different than themselves and who seem "foreign". It is one of the things that Islam should ideally remove from people, but sometimes there is still progress to be made.

Besides, in places like Saudi Arabia, it is normal for women to wear black outside, and women are half the population, so it is really a strange criticism. 

And, many people say that green was the Prophet's (S) favorite color. This is somewhat beside the point, but just putting it out there. 

Also there is no requirement in Shi'ism to wear black, it is simply a custom that has developed in many places during certain time periods. But Shi'is are religiously allowed to wear any color they want.