Ask A Question About Islam And Muslims

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If the ads are addressed just for non Muslims who usually use such funeral services, then it is allowed for you to run such ads.


Enjoining good and forbidding evil has conditions among which that there should be a reasonable possibility that they might accept. Non Muslims need first to believe in Allah and His messenger Muhammad (SAWA) before we talk to them about performing Prayers and other Islamic life rules.

It is a human responsibility on us to help any human being to know and reach to the Truth, and there is no truth bigger than Allah and His message. We as Muslims should try our best to help others through suitable ways to make their lives better. We always need to be wise and polite.


It is allowed for Muslims who understand Islam with its evidence to study in schools belong to non Muslims because Islam promotes useful knowledge from any one, but it is not allowed for a Muslim to take part in any non Islamic worship because it is wrong worship and your participation can give wrong message that you approve their worship despite Islamic rule that it is wrong.

Attending school assembly is permissible as far as it does not include a wrong worship. Christian schools keep on claiming that they do not force any non Christian student to attend Christian religious gatherings. If you are under pressure to attend church, you have full right to report those who force you.


Bismihi ta'ala

As the holy verse in the Quran says God's mercy encompasses all. You can ask the Almighty to show His mercy upon them, and overlook their shortcomings, etc. 

Unfortunately some Muslim groups believe it is haram to prayfor a non-Muslim in any way, but reality is such an approach is difficult for one whose family might not have recognised Islam and be good people. 

Just requesting Almighty God to show His mercy would hopefully assist them in their next life. 

And Allah knows best.