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No, it is customary. It is not haraam to wear other colours, but sometimes people impose restrictions or expectations and are judgmental towards other beyond what Allah requires. 

Bismihi ta'ala

It is our Shi'i culture that in the two months of Muharram and Safar we do not engage in celebration or any form of public happiness, or adorning ourselves with zeenah, makeup, and so on. 

If one was to dye their hair (as zeenah) in desecrating the sanctity of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.), then it would certainly be haram. 

However, for the sake of getting rid of white hair, and not for zeenah, it would not be considered haram, but best not to, especially if the common custom ('urf) sees it as something wrong. As the hadith expresses, we show happiness when Ahlul Bayt are happy, and we show grief when Ahlul Bayt are sad. 

And Allah knows best.

Salam alaikum, 

The second of Muharram. Please watch this clip:

Allah, The Glorious says in Quran (9:28) : إنّما المشركون نَجَس INNAMA ALMUSHRIKOON NAJAS. Verily the polytheists are impure. This a Quranic fact which all Muslims should follow.

Those who participate in Muharram believe and love Imam Husain (AS) being a divine leader of Truth, which means that they are not really polytheists even if their families are been classified as non Muslims. Their noble act in commemorating Imam Husain (AS)'s martyrdom reflects their undeclared faith in his values.

Allah Knows what is in the hearts and the acts usually reflect what is in the heart. That is why we take the acts who love Imam Hussain (AS) as an indication of their faith in him and his faith which is Tawheed.