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Looking at the name of Allah is allowed during praying. It is recommended to look at the place of Sojood ( Turbah) when you are standing in Prayers.


Shia Muslims follow the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) in every matter in religion and it is a confirmed fact among all the Sunni and Shia scholars that the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) never prayed on a carpet nor put his forehead in prayers but only on earth.  He openly said (The earth was made for me as place of prostration ( Sojood) and source of purification (Tayammum). جُعِلَت لي الأرضُ مسجداً وطَهوراً

This Hadeeth was narrated in Bukhari 438 and Muslim 521 and many other Sunni books of Hadeeth.

This confirms that the Shia practice in the real Prophetic practice.


Bismihi ta'ala

You do not necessarily need to do sajdah on a 'turbah'. It can be anything natural, as long as it is non-edible, and is not worn. 

You can use a rock, marble, wood, or a leaf, etc. 

You can use paper, only if you are certain that it is natural as well.

And Allah knows best.

No Kaffara and no responsibility on a child in the age of three or four. Estighfaar is always good.