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Bad thoughts can come to lot of people as part of our struggle with our worst enemy Shaytan. Your feeling annoyed from such thoughts means you are not with it and your heart and mind is with Allah not with the bad thoughts.

Tackling bad thoughts needs : Firstly: Knowing that these thoughts are instigated by Shaytan. When we know the evil source, we remain more alert.

Secondly: Seeking help from Allah (SWT) to tackle these evil thoughts. He always helps His servants who seek His help. Keep on praying and supplicating to Him even by repeating saying Ya Allah, Ya Allah, Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem etc. It is very useful to repeat ALLAHUMMA SALLI 'ALA MUHAMMAD WA AALI MUHAMMAD.

It is also very helpful to repeat Estighfaar and recitibg Sura Tawheed.

It is also very helpful to recite Sura Qaaf with voice that your can hear.

Seeking the Waseelah of Ahlul Bayt (AS) is very helpful especially Imam Al-Mahdi (AS).



Thank you for your question. Key to the problem of evil is the definition of evil. If there is any greater purpose, compensation or wisdom behind suffering it cannot be defined as unnecessary evil. For example, making your kids do their homework is not evil, as while your kids may think they are unnecessarily suffering, that suffering has a purpose. It also has compensation in that learning is good for the children and it is wise on behalf of the parents to put their children through the suffering of studying. So too other issues of evil can be framed such that they are not evil. For example, the trials and tribulations of the prophets (as) were for a purpose, were part of Divine Wisdom and will be rewarded in the next life. One of the main wisdom behind human evil, is that there is no meaningful free will if humans are prevented from carrying out that free will even if it results in evil.

May you always be successful 

In addition to what have been nicely replied, I would like to share a list of texts that discuss about evil in relation with Divine Justice, hoping that they will be interesting read that will bring a lot of reflections and a deeper understanding on this subject inshaAllah.
Divine Justice and the Problem of Evil, by Ghulam Husayn Adeel
Divine Justice or The Problem of Evil, by Javad Shayvard
Discursive Theology Volume 1, Lesson 25: Evil and the Justice of God
Evils, An Excerpt from Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari's Divine Justice
Ultimate Questions in Philosophy of Religion, by Shaykh Mansour Leghaei, chapter 17 & 18

Allah, The Glorious, created human beings  and granted them the ability to be good if they want, or to be bad if they insist on doing bad. In Quran ( We Have guided the human being to the right path, to chose whether to be grateful or disgraceful) Sura Al-Insan, Verse 3.

Allah (SWT) gives all human beings the option to choose their faith and deeds, after guiding them to the Truth. They will meet the results of their option in this life and hereafter.
No doubt that Allah knows who will be grateful and who will be disgraceful, but His knowledge does not make Him cancel the existence of those who will be bad, or stop their creation,  because it will be against justice to punish the sinners to be before committing the sin.

Evil people prove the qualities of good people and with out bad people, it will be difficult to identify the good persons.