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My understanding of this is that it is with respect to spiritual matters, particularly the spiritual position of Ahl al-Bayt (A) in that if some people who did not have an understanding of this heard some people talking about it openly, they might react negatively due to ignorance.

Taqiyya aims to save the life, dignity and wealth of the believers. Taqiyya has been mentioned in Quran (Sura 3, Verse 28).

Taqiyya can be obligatory when it is the only way to save life of the believer or believers.

Taqiyya is recommended when it improve or strengthen the relations between Muslims.

Taqiyyah is allowed to save the wealth.

Taqiyya is forbidden (Haraam) if it causes a sinful act.

Al-Shaikh Al-Mufeed has mentioned these four types of Taqiyya in his book Awaa'il al-Maqalaat, page 135 and 135.



Thank you for your question. It is necessary for a person to protect their life and so there would be no punishment for lying in the situation described.

May you always be successful 

Taqiyyah has conditions and it aims to save the believers, but when mam Husain (AS) faced a complete different situation when the whole religion was in danger and here was no way at all to save Islam but to give his life to save Islam. There was no question of Taqiyyah in such dangerous situation. Neither Imam Ali (AS) nor any other Imam faced such situation, and if any Infallible faces such situation, they will definitely do exactly what Imam Husain (AS) did in sacrificing their lives to save Islam.