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Yes of course. Ziyarat Ashura is a great Ziyarat and it is recommended to recite it every day. Reciting it on behalf of a deceased will make the deceased get great reward as well as the reciter himself.


The grave of the pious believer is a part of Paradise. Read in Quran how the believers are best received by the angles when they die. (Those pious believers whose souls are taken by the angles, saying to them: Peace be upon you) (Sura 16, Verse 32).

Also you can read in in Sura Al-Waqi'a how the believers get peace and happiness when they die. (Sura 56, verse 90.)

Doing good deeds will make your grave a part of Paradise especially fulfilling your obligatory Prayers on time, paying charity,v helping people who are in need, performing Night Prayers, Ziyarat Ashura, remembering Allah and reciting Quran, etc.

No fear on the obedient servants of Allah (SWT) as we read in Quran ( Those who say: Our Lord is Allah and remained straight and pious, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve)  Sura 46, verse 13.

Death of the believer is the best moment is his life because he will transferred from life of challenges to a life of mercy of Allah (SWT).

Keep reciting ALLAHUMMA SALLI 'ALA MUHAMMAD WA AALI MUHAMMAD. اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد 

as many times as you can. It will enlighten your life and your grave.

'Keep on reciting ASTAGHFIRULLAH RABBI WA ATOOBU ELAYH,أستغفر الله ربي وأتوب إليه 

as it purify us and cleans us from sinful acts.

Have great hope in the Mercy of Allah. Surely Allah is The Most Merciful.


Those who were been martyred in the way of Allah are alive ( Sura 2, verse 154 and Sura 3, verse 169). No doubt that the martyrs listen to us when we talk to them. In fact, every dead person can hear us when we talk to him loudly as the Prophet (SAWA) spoke to the dead Kafirs who were killed in the battle of Badr.

Martyrs have real life in which they can listen. Regarding the letters, it depends on the status of the martyr. Letters written to the Infallible Imams will be seen they them and might be even replied, but that is not for every martyr.


Many authentic Hadeeths stated that every persons will see during his death the Prophet (SAWA) and Ali (AS) and will get the good news of the happiness if he is sincere believer, or will see the bad result of his bad deeds if he was non believer. Al-Shaikh al-Sadouq narrated in his book al-Amaali أمالي الصدوق the statement from Ali: YA HAARA HAMDAN MAN YAMOT YARANI يا حار همدان ٬من يمت يرني O Harith of Hamdan, everyone who dies will see me.

Beside the fact that the sincere believer will see and get good news from Imam Ali (AS) on the moments of death, it is also confirmed that some very sincere and pious believers are been visited by the Infallible Imams in their grave to help them and remove hardships of grave from them. This is mentioned  for pious believers who are :

- Very nice to their parents and relatives.

 - Who recite Ziyarat Ashura every day.

- Who perform Night Prayer .

-Who sacrifice their wealth and comfort in the way if Allah.

- Who sacrifice their life in the love of Allah, the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt (AS).

- Who avoid sinful acts for sake of Allah.

and many other acts of pious and obedience of Allah.