End: Reflection On Shia Ideal Of Islamic Unity In The Zahra’s Speech (S.A.)

In the end we refer to some extracts of Zahra’s speech, which is famous by the name of Fadak speech, and close our criticism and analysis:

As we all know this great lady of Islam went to the mosque to demand the usurped rights of Ali. In the presence of Helpers and Emigrants the lady addressed Abu Bakr and made him the target of her complaints and anguish. She demanded Fadak from him to make his usurpation public.

Therefore, she delivered a long sermon in which she sketched the only way of avoiding differences; such as:

“Almighty God had made following us system for community1 (cause of co-operation) and our leadership a barrier to disunity.” 2

Disturbance in outlooks of seekers of Islamic unity and their daily increased insistence in belittling the position of Shia arguments about Imamate and Caliphate do not carry any fruitful result to them. But it results in forgetting the Holy text and God’s decree and deviation in rightful Shia beliefs. To them it will give no benefit except suspicion among Shias and a distinction to Sunnis. It is a self-indication that the only way left open to real Islamic unity and waiving off separation is to return to original principle and to place trust in it. Turning back on it has brought forth disunity.

Indeed this real principle is the same Imamate and Wilayat of Infallible Ahlul Bayt (‘a) of the Prophet. Ghadeer is forgotten amidst the din of devils and the Ummah has plunged into disunity.

Therefore, Imamate of the Infallible Proof is the only pivot of unity.

  • 1. Community is in the meaning of custom or system.
  • 2. Mahdi Ja’fari: Mastoora Aaftaab-e-Sarmad, Pgs. 158-159 quoting from Ibn Teefoor, Balaghatun Nisa (Eloquence of Women), Pg. 12; Jauhari: Saqifah wa Fadak, Pg. 98; Ibn Abi Hadeed: Sharh Nahjul Balagha, Vol. 16, Pg. 211.
    For the text of this sermon refer to the book of Sadaai Fatimi Fadak, written by Muhammad Baqir Ansaari and Sayyid Husayn Rajai.