Chapter 11

Fitnah found out the exact day and time that Ahmad was leaving for Europe, and she was ready to put her plan into action. She began a conversation with her husband, saying,

"Do, you remember that beautiful girl I told you about?” It seems she has found a new lover, an older, rich man,"

"How do you know this?" asked Hamid.

"I haven't seen such a girl in the clubs we frequent or at any of the parties of our friends,"

Fitnah quickly told him, "Oh, you wouldn't recognize her. Sometimes she covers herself completely in a large black coat and scarf. On other occasion she looks like a model from the cover of Vogue magazine. She's unpredictable."

Fitnah hoped that such a description would intrigue and interest her husband. She continued, "This young woman is seeing a friend off at the airport tomorrow morning. I might go to the airport myself to see her and introduce myself."

"How will you find her? The airport will be filled with young women", Hamid asked.

His wife said, "Well, I know she is fair-skinned, has large brown eyes and is slender. Her clothing will guide me to her."

Fitnah returned to her bedroom. She thought to herself, 'I'll pretend to feel unwell tomorrow. Knowing Hamid and his interest in mysteries, I will stir him to go instead of me. He will see Sumayah and be captivated by her beautiful face.'

The next morning, Fitnah's plan succeeded, as she complained of a severe headache and she soon saw Hamid backing his car out of the driveway.

Meanwhile, Sumayah, her father and Ahmad waited in the airport lounge for his flight to be announced. Sumayah was saddened by her fiancé’s imminent departure, and Ahmad told her, "It's difficult to leave you, my dear. I shall return as soon as possible. It's only a matter of a few months' separation. Be strong in faith."

Ahmad's flight was called and they bid each other farewell. Sumayah was almost overcome by tears; she leaned on her father's arm for support as they walked back to their car.
Sumayah's father tried to distract his daughter's attention, telling her, "There was a strange man who jus stood and stared at you in the airport."

She replied, "The world is filled with people like that. Don't let it bother you. We should feel sorry for those who waste their time and energy."

They reached their car and soon arrived at their home.