Chapter 15

Fitnah was eager to know how well Hamid had succeeded in his efforts to attract Sumayah, yet she was afraid to ask him lest he should suspect her game. Hamid spent most of his time outside the home and the maid, Nadia, was vexed. She assumed he had found another lover.

Fitnah decided to visit Sumayah in the hope that her cousin would talk to her about Hamid. Sumayah and Fitnah once again sat in the garden. Fitnah noticed that her cousin was not at ease and she accounted for it according to her imagination. She was certain that her husband had managed to contact Sumayah. Fitnah spoke again about men in general and how they love beautiful ladies. Sumayah remained silent, thinking that there was no use in advising her cousin.

At home, Fitnah noticed that her maid was out and she thought that Nadia might have gone out to look for Hamid. In fact, Nadia had seen Hamid talking with Sumayah at the park, but she was sure that their meeting had been by chance. She continued to spy on him.