Chapter 17

Sumayah returned home and wrote along letter to her fiancé. A few days later Sumayah and her father went to the public park where her father met some of his friends. Not long after Sumayah sat down, she was addressed by Hamid, who quickly said, "Please Miss, may I speak with you?"

Sumayah tried to discourage him with a look of annoyance and disapproval, but he persisted saying, "You are like an angel; you have done me a lot of good. Please do not hold back this light that has removed the darkness around me."

Surprised by his words, Sumayah asked, "What has made you speak like this?"

"I have behaved badly towards you. I ask your forgiveness for my rudeness."

Sumayah was aware of the changed tone of his voice. She looked at him for a moment and felt that he was being honest.

She said, "I do forgive you. Actually, I feel sorry for men like you."